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Pure Vermont Maple Syrup from Bread Loaf View Farm

 We have concluded our sap processing for the season and are happy to report that after two years of below average production this year has proven to be a little better than normal with exceptional taste and color through the whole season. It appears at this point that the season has been very good both here in the US and Canada as well. We are once again offering the grade Very Dark color Strong Taste in the Quart and Half Gallon sizes. We'll also offer this in the 500ml glass as soon as we can bottle some up and get the pictures on the website. This grade has many uses, not only for the table, but it is the first choice for baking. Add it to granola or oatmeal to give it that true maple flavor. And if your looking to make baked beans, this is what you should use. This grade is what was Grade B under the old system. The "Real Vermonter's" perennial choice of syrup and available again this year.

Are you looking for the best Vermont maple syrup and maple specialties made fresh using traditional, earth-friendly harvesting methods? We combine time honored traditional practices with cutting edge technology to guarantee you the richest, most delicious and nutrient-dense maple syrup you've ever had!

Bread Loaf View Farm 100% Pure Vermont maple syrup is exclusively sourced and produced from Vermont maple trees. Specifically designed to appeal to the traditional maple syrup connoisseur who seeks the very best Vermont maple syrup, Bread Loaf View Farm gives consumers what they want: Vermont authenticity.

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