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How to enjoy Maple Cream


Ever wonder what to do with your Maple Cream? Aside from licking it directly from the spoon?

Our Maple Cream is spreadable, so it’s the perfect accompaniment for endless types of foods, from breakfast to dessert.

We recommend pairing our cream with Vermont sharp cheddar cheese and a salty cracker. Add a dash of hot pepper jelly (or our Maple Siracha Hot Sauce) and you have an impressive taste sensation! You'll also find us spreading cream on top of donuts in the sugarhouse. But that's not all!

Here are 10 more ways to use maple cream… just a few of the many ideas for incorporating this delicious maple product into your recipes!

  1. Peanut Butter and Maple Cream sandwiches
  2. Mix with some Dijon mustard and use to coat a pork roast or chicken
  3. Spread on muffins and toast
  4. Add to a charcuterie board in place of chutney or honey
  5. Drizzle over vanilla ice cream
  6. Frosting for cakes and cookies (very allergy friendly as it's dairy-free, nut-free and glutton-free)
  7. Use as a filling in cream puffs, eclairs, or crepes.
  8. Dip for pretzels
  9. Glaze for root vegetables
  10. Stir in coffee or tea 

Remember to let your maple cream rise to room temperature and give it a stir before enjoying. Separation is completely natural simply stir to regain consistency.


How do you use maple cream?  We want to hear from you!

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